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What are the health effects of Aluminum Dust Inhalation?

Written by Josh on February 12, 2009 – 2:25 am -

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I was just asking that health problems may occur where if I inhale small amounts of aluminum powder over a long period of time. I just started a new job to make parts of the mobile-alluminio snow. The work requires me to take part on a milling machine and grinding out all the burrs left by the process of working with tools. I 'VE note the much dust everywhere my white shirt and a lot on my forehead. Please help, I don 't want to do them all the damage my lungs if I could get a good Web page that Referance I could print it out to show the commitiee health and safety so that can get the masks and visors.

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  1. By Cristina on Feb 12, 2009 | Reply

    major defects of health problems breathing. experience some of the following links to search and aluminum Info: should definitely be fit types you up with templates propers.

  2. By Nick Nameless on Feb 13, 2009 | Reply

    aluminum is known to be a factor for the disease alzheimers.

  3. By karol s on Feb 16, 2009 | Reply

    your question has interfered and I now have the answer. My husband has worked with boat trailers in blasting the use of aluminum for 15 years. 3 years ago he became ill and after many doctors have found out that he had lung abcess on his left and pneumonia. More tests were worked and then shot a long history, now has lost its entire left lung and fourth of his right lung. Its capacity of air is down to 43%. He graduals coal in his lungs that do not ever leave, but finally roll into its clots of blood causeing heart in her heart. He COPD, BOOP, emphasema extreme asthma (and he has not ever smoked). Blunt even sickles the lawn without taking breaks 4-5. So before they enter into a job like that, please consider not just the money the job pays, review your health too. My husband is only 43 and gave him 5 months – 5 years to live. That's before the transplant lung and heart. To do this Evil the letter actually, his employer is denying all involvement. pretty sad huh? stay safe and good luck.

  4. By V.Goode on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    I worked in a machine shop for 13 years manufacturing automotive specialty repair tools.We used alot al-mag aluminum and tenzaloy.I did alot of grinding of burrs and improfections of various parts.Out of 13 years employed at this company, 11 of the years i inhaled grinding dust without protection, because the owner said it was not dangerous.At least once i remember having to grind a piece of Berilium? what kind of damage has this caused my body and is this company responsable?

  5. By Stuart on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    My dad works for a large aircraft factory where he spends 12 hours a day drilling out aluminum there should be alot of this dust in the air, he has never smoked in his life and recently I’ve notice he has a smokers cough now and he’s been complaning of how he has been not as focused as he usally is and Is making silly decisions that afterwards he is aware of that he is finding it hard to contole. I’m very worried he may be becoming intoxacated by aluminumin and I’ve told him to jack his job and get out of there, what can I do it’s killing me seeing the damage it’s doing to him, I think they don’t tell us what they know due to the cash they make , I hope the persons who know this and are hiding these facts should be jailed , I hate this world so hatefully constructed and drove by the cash,
    don’t fall into this trap folks we love you all goodluck .

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